Corner - is a representation of a neighborhood before it undergoes probable renovations. An image taken with long exposure to create halo lights and a slightly grainy texture that emulates film. After many years this establishment has survived DCs push for updating areas, however, I believe that as money is introduced to the city, places like this will not longer be around. For better or for worse.
Cicadas - is a detailed shot of a cicada shell that has collected dust and dirt. The image was taken by removing the lens and using it backwards to get a macro shot. It has an extremely shallow depth of field, creating bokeh with a droplet of water in the background.
Blur - a quickly captured image of a basketball player heading to the metro. His silhouette is visible due to the backlighting of the metro station. A slower shutter speed coupled with fast movements allowed for a slight motion blur.
Shadow - a long-exposure non-traditional environmental portrait. A subject's shadow on an electrical post in front of a busy street. The subject stood still for 4 seconds as traffic sped by.
Summer day - a traditional portrait of a man enjoying the warm weather on his porch. His hat casts a shadow over his eyes and is the darkest part of the image as his clothes and most of the background are white. It adds a mysterious tone to the image.
Arc - The repetition of the arches and lights is only disrupted by the central window. A symmetrical image that is both dramatic and well exposed. 
Sunset - is a warm pink, purple, and orange contrasted by dark greens and blacks. This image is much like what the human eye would have seen at this location. The sunset backlit the foliage and created a dark shadow.
Symmetry - a contrast-filled image that is also symmetrical. It is side-lit and shot with a high ISO because of the lack of light. It has a grainy look that is akin to film.
Star - the high aperture (f/22) is visible through the liquor store lights. The long exposure also allowed for light trails. 
Halo - a wide-angle photograph taken low to the ground lengthens the shadows on the ground. The backlighting brightens the arches and accentuates the pattern.
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